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Drama For Schools

Primary School Drama

The current curriculum was introduced as part of the Primary School Curriculum (1999). The Arts Education curriculum consists of three subjects: Drama, Music, and Visual arts.

The curriculum enables children to explore and express ideas, feelings and experiences through drama, music, and the visual arts.

The Drama curriculum is for children from junior infants to sixth class and it includes one strand that consists of:

  • Exploring and making drama
  • Reflecting on drama
  • Cooperating and communication in making drama.

There are strong elements of make-believe in all children’s play. This make-believe helps the child to test out his/her hypotheses about what the world is like and how it might feel to have certain experiences. It is fuelled by inquisitiveness and a desire to think about possibilities and concepts through the medium of action. The process by which this is done is the same process as that by which drama is made for all levels and ages. The primary task of the teacher of drama, therefore is to preserve and encourage this desire to make-believe while at the same time extending it to other areas of life and knowledge.

In this way drama can assist in the fulfilment of the child’s current cognitive and affective needs and in providing for his/her future personal, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Our programmes are tailored in duration to suit each school depending on their requirements.

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Secondary School Drama

Our Secondary School Drama programme is very popular with Transition Year students but is equally of benefit to all students from first year to leaving certificate. Our drama programme aims to develop students’ confidence, self-esteem and social skills through drama.

By taking part in improvisation, role-play and other activities, the students will develop their ability to communicate in both interpersonal and work situations.

The students’ experience and understanding of aspects of acting such as character development, plot and voice will be developed through their involvement in areas such as improvisation and performance.

The course also aims to promote enjoyment and appreciation of theatre.

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Book a drama programme for your school.

  • Preschool/Montessori Programme
  • Primary School Programme
  • Secondary School Programme
  • Transition Year Programme

To enquire about a programme for your school please contact us.


June has taught drama for the past two years at our school. The children really enjoy drama with June and look forward to her classes each week. June makes drama fun and playful and she has a lovely relationship with the children. Through drama June teaches the children confidence, resilience and empathy. We can see the benefits throughout the school. June has a wealth of games, activities, poems and plays which she shares with us. She always works in close partnership with teachers and has helped us with Christmas Concerts and other school performances. She is a super drama teacher!

Orla BrickendenHoly Trinity, Westport

Hi my name is Julianne and I am 9. I have been doing drama with June since Junior Infants... I
love it so very much .. I enjoy the different activities we do in class and I especially love the
shows that we put on for our family during the year... When I am in my drama class, I feel free, I
can be whatever I want to be and June teaches us how to express our thoughts and feelings...
Sometimes I can be a bit worried about what people think of me... But since I started Drama I
have learned that it's ok to be me, and it's fantastic to be creative and to be able to not be afraid to express yourself..
I also have done my drama exams with June and I found they have given me great confidence. I was very lucky to have received a medal for my grade and was so proud of myself. I hope
Drama will always be part of my life as I love it so very much.
If you are thinking of taking up Drama you definitely won't regret. It's just Brilliant.

Julianne NashStudent (Age 9)

My 3 daughters have all attended Drama with June at various stages over the past 8 years. They have all LOVED their time with her. Her classes are always fun and engaging whether it’s for those who want to shine or those who prefer to glow more quietly in the background! It has had great benefits for their confidence and self -esteem. The classes are inclusive for everybody and varied to allow the children to explore their talents in acting, singing and dancing. The children are supported and encouraged to try things, without feeling under any pressure to take part. It has allowed them to find their passion and one of them has continued with supporting roles in productions with different local drama and musical societies. I would highly recommend Mayo Performance Academy and their classes for children of all ages.

Orlene MooneyParent

We’ve been coming to the drama class for years and love it.
The teachers are really good and help us build skills and confidence while encouraging our
It’s also great for meeting new people and working together with them to put on the talent shows
and Christmas showcases every year. We love it when we get to be on stage with our friends.

Freya & Nina RogerStudents